Wohnheim Pontstraße

Apartment building Pontstraße

In the old town, in the student quarter between the Ponttor and the Market, where everyone meets and where there is always a lot going on, there is our Pontstraße dormitory. Here, we offer six flats and five apartments. The flats can be used for flat sharing or by couples or families. Each flat has a kitchenette.

You will live in the direct proximity of the centre of the university community and the Chico Mendes. The KHG's offer comprises many events on many different subjects for all tastes. If you want to live in the Pontstraße dormitory, you should be interested in life in the university community and actively contribute to it.

Living in the Pontstraße
For those working for the KHG

Interested in an apartment in the Pontstraße dormitory?

By way of an internally planned event, every resident of each dormitory shows commitment once a year: Whether this is through a party, café, guided tours of the city or car washes - there are no limits to imagination. Plan what you feel like, choose the time and pick your own shared (dormitory) target: The revenues of your campaign are to benefit a social project in Aachen or anywhere else in the world.

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